vTuber Kit v0.1.94 Public Alpha Released!

New stuff!

  • Added Refresh buttons for camera and mic dropdowns
  • Updated blinking options, and included a hybrid blinking mode
  • Added an option to freeze the model when the Customization Panel is open
  • Reworked the Customization UI (Still a Work In Progress)
  • Added GIF support to the Customization System
  • Added GIF support to the Unmoving Plaid System thanks to Rusty595
  • Messed with the collider generation a little bit again. It fixed more than ir broke this time :D (also still a WIP)
  • Added the ability to swap only facial expressions by holding LEFT CONTROL (Left "Ctrl") while switching save slots. (This does not overwrite any save data, and stays on the current slot.)

Quite a bit of new stuff!

The refresh buttons for the cam/mic should help with people who weren't getting correct lists when starting the program.

The new hybrid blinking mode is helpful for people with glasses or low-quality camera conditions that would prevent blink detection; now it will auto blink after a certain amount of time if no blinks are detected.

There is now an option to freeze the model when the customization panel is open which helps immensely with getting stuff just right. And I also started implementing the new customization panel UI which is much cleaner!

GIFs!! You can now use gifs as custom images. You can also use gifs for unmoving plaid (textures) customization for some very cool effects! I can't wait to see what you all try with this!

I did a bit of work on the colliders again because some parts weren't allowing you to attach stuff to them.

Finally, I added the ability to apply facial expressions from any other save slot without overwriting anything just by holding the Left Control button on your keyboard while clicking or using the hotkey to select another save slot.

Looking forward!

Lots to do! I want to re-do the jiggle scripting. This is the last piece of the puzzle before I can set vtuber kit to open source. And then it can run free in the wild. But this is harder than it sounds and I've been having issues making a switch.

I also want to see if it's possible to let users overwrite existing sprites, so if vtuber kit doesn't offer art you want, maybe you can edit the files directly and put it in yourself. But this one's really tricky. unity really doesn't want to allow this for whatever reason. I think I have to look into Material Property Blocks or something!

And lots more little things to do, of course!

Final good news!

Thanks to @DoodleConner, vTuber Kit is gonna have a LOT of new art soon! They've been hard at work making all sorts of new parts for the program. And I've got a lot of work ahead of myself to get them all working in-program. But the next update will be a major art release, basically. There's more masculine options, too!

Bye bye!

Thanks for the support, everyone! Hope you enjoy vTuber Kit. Thanks so much for being patrons. I've worked so hard on this program so far and it's awesome to see everyone using it in different ways. Glad it's helpful :D


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Apr 30, 2023

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Loving this program so far!!! But is there a way to add a custom texture to the clothes? For instance, I have a pattern I would like to put for the sweater. Is there a way to do that?

Doing God's work!