v0.1.9a Public Alpha Released!

vTuber Kit v0.1.9a is out now! (v0.1.9 was actually out about a week ago, I just forgot to post about it). It wasn't easy but I was able to do a weekly release! I'm gonna try and stick with it and do it again as well.

v0.1.9 Stuff

  • Added new customization system for adding & attaching custom images
  • Updated all of the hair options for more consistency 
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented setting hotkeys for model 
  • Fixed a rare glitch that corrupted save data 
  • Added button for installing the virtual camera option

v0.1.9a Stuff

  • Ear options
  • Added a save backup system to prevent data loss
  • Heterochromia option for the eyes
  • Redid the coloring system to be more user friendly
  • General bug fixes and improvements and such

For v0.1.9a, my Patreon patrons (thank you!)actually voted on features to add to vTuber Kit for this update! I took the two most upvoted patreon ideas and added them into vTuber Kit! There are now various ear options and heterochromia for the eyes! There will be another vote in the next couple days, so be sure to become a patron!

Thanks everyone for the support!


vTuber Kit v0.1.9a.zip 218 MB
Nov 09, 2022

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