v0.1.7a Public Alpha Released!

If you are upgrading from v0.1.6 to a newer version, you may experience some issues with previously saved model data because I rewrote a lot of the save system. In this case, you may have to delete your old data to use the new version. You can do this by going to the gear menu in the top left and scrolling to the Delete Data button at the bottom.

v0.1.7a fixes a desync issue with the hair when initially loading the program. If you use the X/Y offset options for facetracking, it would cause the hair to be a bit messed up. The new version fixes it!


Please keep in mind, this is still in alpha! So things may be a bit wonky overall. Consider supporting me on PatreonFeel free to ask me any questions right here or you can make a thread over at the Itchio vTuber Kit forum!

New additions in v0.1.7:

  • Custom Hair Shading colors added
  • Added window resolution options and moved some settings to more appropriate panels
  • Added new parts all around
  • Added furry options
  • Added hotkeys for switching between saved model presets
  • Added control for headpat direction
  • Added custom accessory colors
  • Polished mouse scroll and pan
  • Fixed an issue with slowdown when moving the camera and/or zooming
  • Added camera FPS limiter to help lower CPU usage
  • Added custom charm to choker
  • Added more Tracking Selection options
  • Added an Ahoge menu
  • Added an option to turn tooltips off
  • Redid a lot of the UI to make it more cohesive and use less space
  • Fixed copy/pasting hex values not updating properly
  • Changed the voice slider so mic detection now has more nuance at higher volume
  • Added manual blinking

Thank you for all the support! vTuber kit has gotten over 2,000 downloads since release and I think that's pretty amazing


vTuber Kit v0.1.7a (Public Alpha) 218 MB
Aug 01, 2022

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