vTuber Kit v0.1.9d Public Alpha Released!

Honestly, I think I'm just running out of numbers at this point, hence the letters at the ends of the version names. vTuber Kit is close to being in Beta, I think. Meaning, all core features of the program are developed. At which point I could relax and focus on adding art and not worry about bug fixing and coding a huge customization system, for example.

Anyways! This release adds some cool stuff since the release of v0.1.9b. 

  • Added a toggle to freeze the model when attaching objects
  • Added camera based mouth tracking
  • Added previews for saved slots. (They must be saved at least once as of v0.1.9d to generate a preview).
  • Fixed rotation and scaling consistency issues with custom objects when loading/saving
  • Updated the way colliders are generated to be more accurate
  • Fixed an issue with the UI not properly registering clicks when the window was resized to unanticipated aspect sizes

Don't get too excited about the Camera based mouth tracking just yet. It's still very experimental for my code. It's not exactly useful for actually vTubing with on its own I think, because our mouths don't really have the range of motion to properly trigger it when talking, but it could come in handy in other aspects. The hybrid option is where it really shines, though. I'll probably add parameters to this in the future to make it work better.

Everything else is just some cool stuff. For the customization system in particular, we changed how colliders generate on the custom images to be more accurate. This also increases the processing time for them, however. So, depending on feedback, I am considering making all custom image colliders a simple rectangle.

Moving forward! Next up is expanding the number of save slots, and looking into expanding the custom image system a bit. Gifs maybe? Not sure yet. The custom system in general still needs tweaking, especially for the UI. But it's getting better every release!

Thanks for the support, everyone! Hope you enjoy vTuber kit.


vTuber Kit v0.1.9d Public Alpha 220 MB
Jan 05, 2023

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