v0.1.8 Public Alpha Released!

*If you are upgrading from an older version to v0.1.8, you may experience some issues with previously saved model data (messed up or missing save slots). The save system has been completely rewritten properly for this release! (So this shouldn't happen any more going forward) If you are experiencing glitches that break the program, you may have to delete your old data to use the new version. You can do this by going to the gear menu in the top left and scrolling to the Delete Data button at the bottom.*

Please keep in mind, this is still in alpha! So things may be a bit wonky overall. Consider supporting me on Patreon! Feel free to ask me any questions right here or you can make a thread over at the Itchio vTuber Kit forum!

New additions in v0.1.8:

  • Added UI Layout choices to make layout friendlier to use for streaming
  • Updated the coloring system and added gradient options
  • Changed how the outfits work, giving more individual customization options
  • Changed the color of selected objects
  • Fixed a glitch where you could see the headpat hand when zoomed in all the way
  • Added a currently selected accessory box so you know what colors you are editing
  • Changed the color picker boxes so they look nicer
  • Added the ability to turn hotkey use on or off
  • Added color droppers for easier color selection
  • Added a mouth color selector
  • Changed the layout of some menus for easier readability
  • Changed the save variable system (again! sorry! You may need to erase all data)
  • Added custom hotkeys for the Save/Load Model options
  • Added some Quality of Life features for the Save/Load Model options
  • Added some default background colors

Thank you for all the support! vTuber kit has gotten over 4,600 downloads since release


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Aug 28, 2022

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