v0.1.8a Public Alpha Released!

Please keep in mind, this is still in alpha! So things may be a bit wonky overall. Consider supporting me on Patreon! Feel free to ask me any questions right here or you can make a thread over at the Itchio vTuber Kit forum!

New additions in v0.18a:

  • Added a virtual camera option (Useful for issues with Game Capture or for changing model settings during stream as UI is not captured)
  • Improved camera now zooms to mouse
  • Added FPS option
  • Added save slots for camera positions
  • Added a secret button combo to delete all data

Thank you for all the support! vTuber kit has gotten over 5,900 downloads since release


vTuber Kit v0.1.8a.zip 217 MB
Sep 04, 2022

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